I Figured the Thing Out!!!

Today I stayed home sick. After awhile of browsing the internet, playing games, and reading, I decided to play with Photoshop. And, I found a way to color my stuff! This picture isn’t great since there’s a bunch of stuff wrong with it even without color, but meh. I thought I’d share it with you~

Remember this picture? Well, now it’s colored. And the first one was the result of a cloud of mist puking all over it me going crazy with the airbrush tool… Haha XD Bye, for now! -Sarah (Wow, Seaeg? Really? XD)

Random Art

My cat snores loudly…anyways!

Uhm, yeah the title kinda explains what this is… random art! Most of it is unfinished, unfortunately. Now that Edublogs has stopped giving me ‘out of memory’ messages when I  clearly had plenty of memory, I can post all kinds of art again! Yaaaay!

Okay, so the first two images are random ones where I was bored at night and felt like drawing ‘myself’. The first one is definitely me, but the second one is like me, but with a coat that I want that probably doesn’t even exist. And like I said, the majority of these images are unfinished…

The third one is a random girl I drew while waiting for my mom to get back from the store. I was gonna play Minecraft while she was gone, but the computer kept freezing up so I gave up after restarting it like 3 times. XD Uhm, so I grabbed a random pen for like writing grocery lists and made that out of my boredom…

The fourth one is a picture I drew while practicing hands. I just looked at my own hand and drew it. 😛

The fifth one is an elf I drew while waiting for – hahaha! My mom just found one of my old art books! And a bunch of doggy and kitty stickers! – my dinner at a restaurant. It’s obviously unfinished…

The last three are supposed to be one picture but my scanner decided to save them as three separate pictures… Anyways it’s a fanart of Shugo Chara!. The one with the crown is Tadase when Kiseki takes over, the girl with the ‘X’ on her head is Amu, and that’s her reaction to Tadase acting that way, and the last one was Kukai just in the background, but yeah my scanner ripped apart the drawing. XD Yup. That’s all for now! I did just find some of my older art notebooks though so you may get to see some of my older stuff if I feel like posting it!

Last Day of Freedom…

…the last day before my death sentence…

Waaaaaargh…! School starts tomorrow. There’s still so much stuff I wanna do! Here’s my list:

-Read my new manga books

-Color in that picture I made while camping

-Finish some of my sprite sheets (uhm…it’s pixel art…)

-Watch the anime disk I got from Netflix

-Brush my cat and clip her nails (she sheds soooo much. Plus her claws are like razors right now)

-Try to draw one of my characters

-Make more pixel art stuff with Perler Beads

Aaaaaaand this is the stuff I need to do:

-Finish my spanish project

-Look up rocks for my science project

-Pack my bag

-Not die (haha”)

And ontop of that I’m using Photoshop for my spanish project (because I want to) and right now I am ready to massacre it because everytime I’m close to finishing something, it freezes up and then closes itself out. 😀 Thanks a bunch, Photoshop! *dripping with sarcasm*

Well, I hope everyone else is having a good time!


Perler Beads Pixel Art: Natsu and Happy

Sorry, I haven’t posted/commented/anythinged in forever, but I have been so busy lately. The end of my summer vacation is coming to an end so we’ve been doing a lot of camping. Anyways this is the weird little surprise that I wanted to post on here. Perler Beads are these little wax beads that you place on peg boards and melt to make ‘pictures’. A lot of people find it fun to use these to do pixel art. The ‘pixel art’ here isn’t anything I came up with, it was from sprites for the Fairy Tail DS game. So anyways this is Natsu (the human one), and Happy (the kitty with wings). Natsu is a fire dragon slayer, and Happy is his Exceed (a cat breed from SPOILER ALERT Edolas) companion. I would post/write more but at the moment my mom says that I have to empty out my bag from camping, and start some of my summer homework… “orz Anyways when I get some free time I’ll prolly post something else on here. Enjoy~

Natsu Dragneel from Fairy TailHappy also from Fairy Tail

What I Do Over the Summer…

…Nothing! 😀

I’m joking. I tend to go camping and ride my bike a lot in the summer. Bleh. That’s BOOOOOOOORIIIIIIIIING!!! Imma tell you about  manga I’ve been reading instead of “Well, I went swimming in this lake and saw a duck. It quacked.”

So! Recently I’ve been reading ‘Shugo Chara’. It’s about an elementary student named Amu Hinamori who just wants to be her true self. One morning she wakes up with three eggs that contain guardian characters that can help her be herself! But my description of a book is a boring. More exciting stuff happens! Like, when I tell people about ‘Fairy Tail’, I just say “It’s about a bunch of wizards.” Fairy Tail is awesome though! It’s about a bunch of wizards that…do stuff! Hahahaha! XD

Oh yeah…I just remembered. I was on Shelfari, and I was adding books to my shelf (see my shelf widget), and I thought that I’d add Shugo Chara! to my shelf. So I was adding it and I thought that maybe I’d add a character discription. So I didn’t see the ‘Add Character +’ button…so I over wrote the Amu discription with my discription of Kiseki…oops. “orz I’m sorry who ever wrote the Amu discription!!! … Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! XD Now that I’ve written that, I think it’s funny! *cracks up*

So I play games… and read books. Woo! Haha.

Spooooooooof!!!…is my new favorite word. *smooshes face* This is the third time today where I was gonna do something but forgot what. I think my brain’s on vacation…Y’know…I just remembered something! *decides to wrap up post so that she can surf web*

 Well, the next post will either be a short story (not chaptered), or a surprise art-type project that isn’t a surprise if you are Amy.

Bye (for now)!



Oot oot! I am officially on summer vacation as of today. Oh my gosh I have done nothing all week. Except watch YouTube. Oh wow I’m wasting precious time. Haha XD There is definetley something wrong with me. Well, when I draw more chibi stuff I might post it if EduBlogs wants to cooperate. I just thought that I’d let you know I’m on vacation.

-Me…Sarah…er Mew.

Joyous and Frabjous!

Haha! *sigh* Oh frabjous.

This will be my multi-everything post! ‘Wuuuut? That don’t make sense…’

All of today after I got home from school…I’ve been wearing pink pajama pants that are covered with white polka dots and black cats…along with my black sword shirt that I made. It’s all because of some stupid kid that managed to leave chewed gum on the floor infront of my locker…my mom had to get it out of my pants and I was all like “?!”. Haha. Derp. This post will now contain…hand drawn pictures!








Okay! So, the top one is my face about two hours ago, the second is Mew (and now my new avatar!), and the last is Shadow Canis. Fan art time! ^dB>^ By the way…I didn’t want to color them because I have this horrible fear of coloring stuff in, and then I make a mistake and it’s ruined…so yup yup!








Do Not Fret!

Oh no! I haven’t posted in like…forever (seems like it to me). Well I don’t have a thing important to post about at the moment except that this weekend I will post something reasonable. I was thinking of doing some chibi drawings for fun, plus they’re really quick! And maybe I’ll write a chapter to one of my stories…or something. XD ‘Why are you so unspecific Sarah?!’ Haha. Soooo, as my title says ‘Do Not Fret!’ … a real post will be coming this weekend!

Go read books and play videogames (like me)! …I’m kidding do what you want.




Heh heh. I’ve made one chibi Mew, 3 chibis of a character from Fairy Tail, an epic picture, and on top of that I completed half of my math homework. Maybe I should start drawing something else, and finish my homework…XD So I just got an idea though! I think, that I will draw a chibi for one character from each of my stories on here…and maybe a little fan art. Meh. I hope you people know what ‘chibi’ is…no? Alright, alright, I’ll try to explain it. Chibi (in my world) is cute little short versions of…stuff. By the way guys, I am HORRIBLE at explaining things. <:3 Forgive me.


*****2nd Edit*****

Myeeeeh! I thought drawing each character in chibi would be fun but…myeeeeeeeeh. I guess I only want to draw when I’m drawing something that I actually wantto draw. =.= I hate that so much. I guess I’ll definetely draw me, Mew, and some random fanart! Haha.

Spin-Wheel Art!

I made these at my friend’s house a while back, and when my mom and I were going through stuff in our basement, I found this old art clipboard thingy that I had. The clipboard is deep though, so you can open it and store stuff in it and…well it’s hard to explain it. But I was going through all of my drawings and stuff in it, and I found my spin-wheel paint art things! Some of these look much better in real life ‘cuz my scanner isn’t exactly the greatest, and also her dog kind of walked on a few of them when they are wet, but no matter! These things are really cool right?


New Something or Other…?

I need some viewers’ ideas! This post will be short just because I’m curious as to what you’ll think of or an idea or two.

Should I get a new avatar? Or do you have an idea for a header? Maybe there’s a picture you think would be cool for me to draw? I don’t know. Or maybe even a post idea! Well if you have any ideas regarding anything for my blog, please tell me!